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Hospital Overview

Greetings from the Hospital Director

Hospital Director Dr. Masato Fujisawa

Dr. Masato Fujisawa, Hospital Director

Hospital Director
Dr. Masato Fujisawa

Kobe University Hospital began as Kobe Hospital which first opened its doors in 1869. It started out as a prefectural hospital, which later transitioned into a prefectural school of medicine. Over time, it evolved into a national university hospital (920 beds), and since 2004, it has been operating as part of the National University Corporation. Our hospital has always been strongly rooted in the local community and has made it one of its missions to contribute to community medicine. Another vital mission as a training facility is the nurturing of good physicians who are rich in compassion and humanity, and to further its development as a leading Japanese and international center for state-of-the-art research and clinical care. In 1994, it became an advanced treatment facility, and in 2007, a designated regional cancer treatment hospital. It is now a core medical center in the Kansai area and in the leader in all clinical care within Hyogo Prefecture.

One of the primary principles of this hospital is patient-focused medical care. Physicians, nurses, and medical staff of various disciplines work together as a team to provide caring and highly advanced medicine to our patients. In addition, we attempt to keep our system easy for our patients to understand, to improve our patient services, and to fortify strategies to ensure medical safety. Moreover, we have attempted to update our facilities with the most recent equipment possible, in order to provide the best possible personnel and facilities to enhance the quality of medical care. As of April, 2014, new ward facilities in minimally invasive medicine (Department of Surgical Care, Cancer Center, Department of Endoscopic Medicine, Center for Perinatal Care, Center for Radiology and Radiation Oncology, Department of Diagnostic Pathology, etc.) will become operational and we will be able to provide our patients with ever better medical care to bring satisfaction to all of our patients. We will remain rooted in the community as a university hospital, and continue to evolve and improve our services to ensure that cutting-edge, high quality, safe, and reliable medical care is provided to all. Our goal is a Kobe University Hospital that boasts a world-class level of care, while maintaining an open ear to our patients. We, together with our entire staff hope to continue our efforts towards these objectives.

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