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Kobe University Hospital received accreditation as a General Hospital from the Japan Council for Quality Health Care Accreditation (JCQHC).

KUH certified in accordance with the Hospital Evaluation Standards (Version 6.0)

  Kobe University Hospital was issued a certificate (renewal) on June 4, 2010, stating that it had satisfied the Hospital Evaluation Standards (Version 6.0) by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care.
  The hospital is thus certified for a 5-year period from March 28, 2010 through March 27, 2015. In the future, we aim to further improve our medical care so as to meet the trust and hope that our patients place in us, and to make Kobe University Hospital better than ever.


*The Quality Health Care Evaluation was created primarily to improve the quality of health care and to evaluate medical facilities from an academic and neutral standpoint. Following document surveys including a self-assessment report, seven surveyors (evaluation surveyor) will review the hospital from an outsider’s perspective and their respective professional standpoints. They also conduct a 3-day on-site inspection to evaluate the hospital based on the 7 sections described below.

Content of the hospital evaluation standards

  • Section 1 Administration and Roles in the Medical Organization
  • Section 2 Patient Rights, Patient Safety, and Quality of Health Care
  • Section 3 Living Arrangement and Patient Services
  • Section 4 Organization Management
  • Section 5 Processes of Care for Quality and Safety
  • Section 6 Hospital Administration
  • Section 7 Psychiatric Care

See here for a detailed description of how well Kobe University Hospital did in the evaluation

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