For Those Who Seek Treatment at Kobe University Hospital

Paying Your Medical Bill

After all of your consultation, treatment, exams have been done, please go to the central reception counter and pay your bill. You first go to the machines in front of the window number 4 and check in. You need your hospital card to go through this procedure.

If you need to confirm information or do some work at a window, the window number will be displayed on the screen, and go to the window.


The large electronic display in front of Window No.7

Outpatient Payment Procedure

When your payment calculation is done, the large screen in front of Window No. 7 shows your outpatient number on the back of your hospital card. After seeing the number, you go to the automated payment machine to pay your bill. You need to have your hospital card to operate the machine.

You can pay with your credit card with the automated payment machine. Your next scheduled appointment and ticket for prescriptions from the in-hospital pharmacy are printed on the right-hand side of your receipt. Please do not forget to check the information.

Automated payment machine

Payment of hospitalization bill

You can pay your hospitalization bill by:
@ Cash at Window No. 7
A Card with payment machine (credit or debit)
B Direct deposit.

If you wish to pay by cash at a window, please prepare your payment slip and hospital card and pay at Window No. 7. When you want to pay by card or direct deposit, ask at hospital admission counter or at Window No. 7.

Credit card policy

We accept credit card payments for both hospitalization and outpatient bills.
Please note that we will require your PIN (personal identification number).
※ ( Please check your PIN before using your card)

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