For Those Who Seek Treatment at Kobe University Hospital

Those wishing to consult one of our physicians will be provided with information on the departments, outpatient clinics, hospital admission, classes for patients, cancer (tumor) treatment, and prescriptions and medications.

Medical Services

Photos of various medical departments

Outpatient clinics can be accessed through the outpatient clinic building central entrance (along the road where bus stops).

Outpatient Services

Reception desk

For those seeking an outpatient clinic consultation, descriptions of the various clinic specialties and our staff physicians are provided here.

Hospital Admission Preparations

Hospital room

A description of the hospital rooms, admission procedure, what to bring, and how to spend your time while in the hospital, visitation rules, discharge procedure, medical care and room costs, certificate requests, and in-hospital classes are all described here.

Prescriptions and Medications

Prescriptions and medications image

To further the separation of prescribing and dispensing functions as the MHLW instructs, in principle, we try to provide our outpatients with prescriptions to be filled at outside pharmacies.

Welcoming a New Baby!

Mother and child image

KUH is ready to care for the prenatal mother for the entire duration of her pregnancy from labor to birth, and through the postnatal period. In addition to two LDR rooms in our obstetrics ward, there are a total of 20 beds for mothers and another 20 beds in the neonate ward.

Because ours is a university-affiliated hospital, the majority of our prenatal mothers are here because they either show signs of premature labor or have complications. However, there are still many babies who are born naturally.

We receive requests almost every day from all over Japan to accept admissions of mothers and neonates. Our entire perinatal medical team including physicians, midwives and nurses work together to provide safe and rapid medical care to mothers, fetuses and neonates.

Introducing Our Clinical Facilities

Clinical facilities

Here is an explanation of our clinical facilities.

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