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For Those Who Seek Treatment at KUH

Prescriptions and Medications

To promote the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Guidance regarding the separation of prescribing and dispensing duties, outpatients will, in principle, be given prescriptions to be filled at outside pharmacies (Ingai-shohosen).

How to get your prescription filled

If you are supposed to be prescribed medications, please remember to receive your outside pharmacy prescription at the outpatient clinic where you were seen.
Take the outside pharmacy prescription to a pharmacy of your choice and get drugs dispensed there.
This prescription is only valid for 4 days including the day it is issued. Please remember to get it dispensed before the 4 days are up.

Outside pharmacy prescription (sample)
If you wish to fill your prescription at our hospital pharmacy

Please complete your payment after your consultation. If you have a prescription which needs to be filled at our hospital pharmacy, a prescription slip with a prescription number will be printed on your receipt.
In that case, please wait in front on the hospital pharmacy counter to receive your medications. When your prescription is ready, your number will appear on the electronic monitor. Please go to the pharmacy counter to receive it.

The hospital pharmacy counter

Medication Guide

You can pick up your prescription at the pharmacy counter between 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM on weekdays. In principle, filled prescriptions will only be kept at the pharmacy for one week.

After you have paid your bill, please wait for your prescription slip number to appear on the electronic monitor. Your prescription is ready when your number appears. Please come to the counter to pick it up. Be sure to confirm that there are no mistakes in your name or the content of your prescription (that you are receiving the right medication).

If you have any concerns regarding your medications, we have a drug consultation booth, so please feel free to ask your questions there.

Cautions about your medications

  1. Please take your medication in the manner prescribed--dose, frequency, and time of ingestion. For the medication to work properly, you do need to take it exactly as instructed (dose, frequency, and time of ingestion). If you do not, there is a chance that the drug will not work as well, or that you may suffer adverse events.
  2. Please do not discontinue the drug or decrease the dose on your own. If you have concerns regarding the dose or the medication, please consult your doctor or a pharmacist before changing how you take the medication.
  3. Please ingest your oral medications with a glass of water or warm water.
  4. Please store your medications properly. Unless otherwise specified, keep your medications in a cool, dry, place, away from direct light.
  5. Never give your medication to another person or take a drug that was prescribed to someone else. Medications are prescribed for a specific person's specific symptoms. If you take a drug meant for someone else, or give your drug to someone else, there is a risk that it could lead to unexpected adverse reactions. Never share your prescriptions.

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