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For Those Who Seek Treatment at Kobe University Hospital

Are you here for a medical exam or laboratory test? 

You are being tested because of doctor’s orders

Laboratory tests (blood tests and urinalysis)

Physiological function tests such as EKGs and ultrasounds.

Tests results are sent to the physician via computer as soon as they come back. Those who perform the tests are usually clinical laboratory technicians and they also draw blood from outpatients.

Laboratory tests for outpatients

If you are here for a laboratory test, go to the blood collection room (Window No. 10) and give them your hospital card. You will be told about the blood collection procedure and receive other important information.

For physiological function tests, please go to the Physiological Function Test Counter at Window No. 12 where you will receive instructions regarding your test.

For tests that require advance reservations, please do not forget to read all of the precautions written on your reservation slip beforehand.

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