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University Hospital Initiatives 

Contributions to society

Kobe University Hospital not only conducts daily clinical consultations but is also involved in various activities which can be considered contributions to society. We also cooperate with various health projects run by the nation, prefecture, city, or medical associations, and are actively involved with many patients groups and support groups.

Designated regional cancer treatment hospital

Kobe University Hospital was certified as a designated regional cancer treatment hospital in January 2007 and we make effort as a whole to play a focal role in providing cancer treatment to this region. In the actual treatment, a team for palliative care is made up from doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

Disaster base hospital

We perform high and advanced emergency medical care not only within Kobe city but whole Hyogo Prefecture as a center clinic of emergency. In cases of disaster or massive accidents, we send a specially-trained disaster medical assistance team (DMAT) to the site of disaster or accident and they will operate rescue efforts in cooperation with the fire department.

Medical Care for Remote Regions

A program at the Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, the “Medical care in Remote Regions Program” and the general clinical care division of Kobe University Hospital are operated in close contact. As well as educating students who will be able to take roles in regional medical care, we intend to revitalize medical care in sparsely populated areas as a contribution to society.

Core AIDS Treatment Hospital

The Hospital is certified as a Core AIDS Treatment Hospital by Hyogo Prefecture. We offer medical treatment to AIDS patients and those infected with HIV, as well as collecting information, offering information to regional medical organizations, and providing education to medical professionals.

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