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For Those Visiting Patients

For Those Visiting Patients

Visiting Patients

Kindly refrain from visiting patients if you have cold symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea, or are otherwise ill.

We also ask that you avoid bringing small children or coming in large groups, and to please leave the hospital as soon as you are done with your visit.

Our top priority is to maintain patient safety and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

(If you have been asked by the hospital to come in, please mention this at the entrance.)

June 18, 2009
Hospital President

Visiting hours

Patients will be undergoing examinations, treatment, and will need to rest during their hospital stay. For this reason, we have established strict visiting hours as shown below. We thank you for your cooperation.

  • Weekdays:1 PM to 8 PM
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays:
    10 AM to 8 PM

Upon your arrival, please be sure to fill out the “visitor information slip” and place it in the “visitor information slip box” at the staff station.

Kindly refrain from bringing small children or in large groups, or if you have any contagious diseases such as colds. Please do not eat in the patient's hospital room.

We ask that visitors use the toilets located in front of the elevators.

Staff Station Staff Station

Staff Station


If patients wish to receive mail during their hospital stay, please ask the sender to spell out the patient’s name phonetically using Japanese hiragana characters (if this is not possible, please use the English alphabet), and specify that the addressee is a hospital patient.

Arriving by car

If you come to the hospital by car, the Shindai Byoin Chushajou parking service, operated by a private company as a private finance initiative (PFI), is open to all visitors.

Parking will cost about 250 yen per hour (rates differ depending on the time).

Parking Facilities

Parking Facilities

Inpatient Hospital Wards

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