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Establish a system of career development for nurse

This project aims at contributing to the establishment of a safe and secure medical care system for the people of Japan. In this project, the university hospital’s nursing department and the school/graduate school of health sciences will jointly develop a clinical training program to provide efficient and continuous training for nurses and lay out a career path that they can continue on with.

Career System-Kobe REED (Reflective Educative Development) Plan
The Kobe REED Plan is a collaborative plan between Kobe University’s Nursing Department and the Graduate School of Health Sciences to facilitate smooth transfer of knowledge for novice nurses from basic nursing, taught in graduate schools, to actual practices in hospitals. This plan aims to make nursing a fulfilling profession worth pursuing throughout one’s life by designing a system which integrates the career development needs of the individual and the organization.

The Kobe REED Plan is based on the following four points:

  1. Development of an Education Program
    To develop a practical training program for nurses based on empirical learning
  2. Educational System for Educator
    To Foster educational leaders who are versed in pedagogy and other professional knowledge.
  3. Personnel Exchanges
    To develop a more permanent exchange of personnel between the Nursing Department of the Hospital and the Department of Nursing of the Graduate School of Health Sciences.
  4. Career Path Formation
    To establish a new career path for educational leaders based on the existing career development support system.

Outline of Kobe REED Plan




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